Over The Transom

"Over the Transom" is a comedic 1928 period piece focusing on the rapid decline of a fictional Vaudeville duo, The Mad McLeod's. Jack and Mazie get the job offer of a lifetime from WB, but the offer quickly spirals into a battle of the ego.

Produced, directed, written, and starring Meghan Modrovsky. 


Hypervision is a funny, upbeat fantasy web series following four freewheeling adults who leave their responsibilities behind to go on wacky adventures powered by good old make-believe!
Trailer directed by Meghan Modrovsky.

The Werewolf Diaries

The Werewolf Diaries is a vlog style web series about a young werewolf caught in the middle of worldwide political turmoil. 13 episodes long, The Werewolf Diaries is a unique insight into the views of war and prejudice from someone caught in the crossfire.
Directed by Meghan Modrovsky.

Packed and Ready

In this non-traditional romantic comedy, Haley is getting ready to move to her new job in a different state. After years of rejecting her, Darren is on her doorstep professing his love for her. Will she dump everything for the guy or will this be a different happily ever after? 

Directed by Meghan Modrovsky

The Bench

Army Veteran Michael is alone in an art gallery, grappling with the overwhelming guilt of killing a man during the war. Michael's grip on reality starts to slip away his guilt personifies, needling and tormenting him. He must fight to maintain his sanity and ease his own pain.

 The Bench is an original story written by Quentin Murphy as part of LACMA's Veterans Make Movies initiative.

Directed by Meghan Modrovsky and Quentin Murphy.

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